The primary difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator occurs when an individual has obtained a thorough interior design education to augment their natural artistic talents.  Deborah DiGiuseppe has learned and mastered a wide range of technical skills to provide a full range of interior design services to her clients. Her education and vast field of experience includes drafting, space planning, furniture history, furniture design, lighting calculations, ergonomics, standard business practices and much more. 

Why Hire Deborah DiGiuseppe?

If you are considering new construction or remodelling project – be it your home, office, healthcare facility, hospitality venue, or retail store – gain the advice of Deborah DiGiuseppe before moving forward.  She is knowledgeable in the areas of interior construction, fire & building codes, handicap accessibility requirements and other interior design considerations.Deborah DiGiuseppe is qualified by education, experience, and examination to enhance the function and quality of interior spaces for the purpose of improving quality of life, increasing productivity, and protecting the health, safety, and welfare of her clients. As a professional interior designer, Deborah’s experience and services include:

  • analyzing client's needs, goals, and safety requirements.
  • integrating findings with global research and unique personal knowledge of interior design.
  • formulating preliminary design concepts that are aesthetic, appropriate, functional, and in accordance with codes and standards.
  • advising on finish selections and color co-ordinations.
  • developing and presenting final design recommendations through appropriate presentation media.
  • preparing working drawings and specifications for non-load bearing interior construction, reflected ceiling plans, lighting, interior detailing, materials, finishes, space planning, furnishings, fixtures, and equipment in compliance with universal accessibility guidelines and all applicable codes.
  • collaborating with professional services of other licensed practitioners in the technical areas of mechanical, electrical and load-bearing design as required for regulatory approval.
  • preparing and administering bids and contract documents as the client's agent.
  • reviewing and evaluates design solutions during implementation and upon completion.

DiGiuseppe Interior Design Ltd. will consider your personal preferences, time frame requirements and budget constraints when preparing a preliminary scope of work. Then, DiGiuseppe will lead you through a plan to best accomplish your goals, connecting you with craftsmen and product lines known for the highest quality. When undertaking large projects, DiGiuseppe’s experience and skill promises to save you countless mistakes, headaches and delays, ultimately saving you money. “Alterations made in the preliminary phases of a project are often easily accommodated. That said, the same changes can be very costly if handled later, during the construction phase”, says Deborah.

If you are searching for innovative, aesthetic and productive solutions, DiGiuseppe Interior Design will offer their unique vision and expertise to your project. Contact DiGiuseppe Interior Design for more information today!