Effective Space Planning

Effective Space planning is one of Deborah DiGiuseppe’s trained areas of specialty.  In this capacity she focuses on her unique ability to utilize space most efficiently.  This often includes detailed lifestyle and/or workplace evaluations and design functionality and ergonomic assessments. People often consult with Deborah to critique an existing floor plan or to devote special attention to specific areas of a home or business before proceeding with design enhancements or new construction projects.

Design Specifications & Blueprinting

DiGiuseppe’s Design Specification & Blueprinting services include the preparation and application of design drawings.  Once a preliminary design concept has been completed and approved, Deborah DiGiuseppe proceeds with the final planning and design phase. This stage involves the preparation of working drawings required for tendering, building permits, and the implementation of construction which may include:

  • Floor plan/furniture plan
  • Construction plan
  • Reflected ceiling plan/lighting layout
  • Floor coverings plan
  • Electrical and telephone plan
  • Interior elevations/building sections
  • Custom furniture/millwork details
  • Room finish and color schedules
  • Written specifications

** Note:  Coordination of consultants may be required for electrical, mechanical, structural, acoustical, graphics Research, Consulting & Tendering

DiGiuseppe Interior Design Ltd. offers services that enable a true starting point, while building a ‘road map’ to ensure you get where you want to go. These services include:

  • Reviewing a clients’ existing environment and analyzing it’s functions, systems and communications
  • Researching various solutions and alternatives
  • Performing an inventory and analysis of existing furniture, fixtures or equipment for possible re-use once all design documentation is in place
  • Issuing all drawings and written specifications for competitive tender
  • Evaluation of tenders with client and, if desired, oversee the tendering process to ensure the right trades people are selected.

Contract Administration & Project Management

DiGiuseppe Interior Design Ltd. offers services to oversee work assignments after contracts have been awarded. DiGiuseppe is qualified to lead project teams of differing disciplines, enabling clients to receive a cohesive, professionally managed end product. These highly sought after services ensure quality control and concept continuity through all stages of construction.  In this capacity, DiGiuseppe’s responsibilities include:

  • Assisting contractors in scheduling and implementing construction
  • Site inspections to ensure construction is in accordance with design drawings, specifications and schedules
  • Issuing and managing change orders and addenda
  • Project coordination and planning with specific focus on time, cost and performance targets
  • Final on-site inspections to issue certificates of completion

Architectural Detailing

Design Development