ampersand-sampleThe spaces where we work and interact with our clients can have a profound impact on the success of those interactions. Layout, colors, lighting, furniture type and configuration – these all play a huge role and influence the kinds of impressions that we receive from an experience in a commercial space. These elements can set a tone for our mood which will carry forward in our memories of those experiences. Considering how profound an effect the interior design of your commercial space can have on your employees and customers, it’s important to invest in that space so that it is optimized to produce the best possible results.

DiGiuseppe Interior Design has a deep understanding of these influences and how the interior design of your commercial space can contribute to a sense of peace and comfort or a sense of apprehension and anxiety. By using our depth of experience, you can be sure that your commercial space will provide the impact you need and leave employees and customers with the kind of impression and experience you want them to take away.

Our Commercial Interior Design Services Include

  • Space Planning
  • Specs and Blueprinting
  • Floor/Furniture Planning
  • Construction Plan
  • Custom Furniture or procurement
  • Project Management / Contract Administration
  • Much more…

We know that starting a renovation project can seem intimidating which is why we will lead the way get you to the finish line so that you can focus on what you do best.

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